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The Story Behind Beat Designers

By Curt on Jul 01, 2016 in Understanding The Producer - 1 Comment

Hello, first I want say, thank you for taking the time out to come visit our website. Hope you have gained all of your greatest experiences here today. 

My name is Curtis “Curt” Chiles II. My friends, family and others call me Curt. I was born and raised in the great Buffalo, NY. The home of the late great Rick James, Jeffery Jones, Kyle Chandler, William Fitchner, Nancy Marchand, Don Criqui, Orel Hershiser, Brian McKnight, F. Scott Fitzgerald. In a unfortunate weird way of being famous Jhon Wayne Bobbit is from my home town Buffalo, NY, and Grover Washington Jr. There are many more but you could look up the rest if you choose to do so. My Mom and Dad split from each other when I was three if I’m not mistaken. She raised my brother and I as a single parent. When ever I would listen to 2Pac “Dear Momma” it became extremely relatable to me. My mom never was on any drugs or anything. She just did the best she could do for us in every way. To this day we let her know how much we noticed. As a child we all started out in a two family home on the east side of town. Ok, to be exact as soon as I came home from the hospital, my mom and brother lived in the Langfeild projects. My dad went to the new house down the street everyday to get it ready for us to live in, happily as a family. Moving forward. When they split our living standards at the age of nine started to go south. It was noticeable. At that time our mom only had us listening to gospel music, but it wasn’t long before she started letting us listening to rap. 2Pac “Keep Your Head Up” was my first rap song I ever herd. Chub rock came on directly after that. And that’s where music grabbed my attention forever. Our new two family house/apt was literally connected to a bar. As little kids we really wanted to get into the bar from the inside of the house, all we had to do was just get in from the basement. Yeah we was thrown at first too. Our house/bar was the command center for prostitutes. Our place always had people having sex under our bedroom windows. Then we would hear our mom screaming at them without having to get out of her bed. Her room was right next to ours. The summer time was the worst regarding prostitutes and violence. So we moved to the Perry Projects. Just as we sat the last box down as we were moving in, my mom sat us down and gave us the realest peice of vital information ever. I was a teen then, so started to love music more. Music felt more like a blanket for me. I had a drum set in my bed room for a couple months. Hahaha, I was horrible but I was determined to get it right. In high school I did great in chorus and developmental band. My chorus teacher tried to help me learn to play the piano. I should have stuck with it. At the middle of my senior year of high school we got evicted. My mom, brother and I parted ways just so we could survive. After I bounced from house to house  my dad got me and moved me to  Atlanta for a fresh start. I then met two cool guys in my math class. They had a rap group that shortly started to take over the north side of Georgia. I was persuing my modeling career. The group would get together at the studio and lay their vocals. I then tuned into the art of becoming  a music producer . I taught myself everything I know about the music production industry. The installation of music gear, and laying down the tracks. At this point the only way I could go is up. Therefore Beat Designers has been born.  ​


Jermaine Edgerton July 24th, 2020

Hey bro man listen to your story about what influenced you to start producing music is uplifting and true. As your brother you speck the truth and man I just wanna say love you bra and wish you much success with this and in life. Talk to you soon peace.

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